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  • Security Dates should be handled as dates rather than strings
  • Dynamically handle TRE's such that they are added as attributes to the MetacardType, to allow for better user awareness.
  • Better GeoLocation parsing support (handle Points, Multi-Geometries, etc)
  • Update metadata generation. (Different format, xml streaming library, etc).
  • Create thumbnails from the pixel data

Imaging Nitf

  • The Attributes should be accessible from the Nitf library more elegantly. ┬áThere's no null checking and it requires explicit object knowledge to obtain an attribute. (e.g. Should be able to retrieve all ImageSegement headers via a map)
  • Address TODO's in imaging core
  • Address TODO's in imaging cgmCreate thumbnails from the pixel data
  • Throw UnsupportedOperationException when we encounter an image format that isn't implemented (it currently does a System.out.println()).