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  1. If the ticket does not exist, create a JIRA ticket on to track changes being made.
  2. Fork the DDF code on GitHub.
  3. Clone the forked DDF.
  4. Create a feature branch in the forked DDF.
  5. Make changes. Use the JIRA ticket number in the commit message (For example DDF-1000 fixed something). See Git Commit Message Guidelines for more details.
  6. Add the remote repository to clone: 

    git remote add codice-ddf


  7. Fetch the code from the master Codice/DDF repository:

    git fetch codice-ddf


  8. Rebase the changes onto the latest commit from Codice/DDF's master branch:

    git rebase codice-ddf/master


  9. Create a pull request in GitHub to pull changes from the fork into Codice/DDF's master branch.
    1. Fill out the pull request template
    2. Check the appropriate boxes in the template
    3. @mention individual reviewers and/or a team in the description.
  10. Ensure Bamboo Continuous Integration indicates that the PR will not cause any regressions (test failures).
  11. When the review is ready @ddf-committers to request a merge
    1. If a committer has given a thumbs-down the PR may not be merged until the issue is resolved