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Release Date: pending

This Draft page describes an upcoming version and is subject to change

Release Summary

Download Location


Complete documentation is available at the DDF website.

Configuration Changes
Configuration Changes in this version:

Resolved Issues

DDF-05012 Exclude bzip dependency from tika

DDF-4991 - transform geojson metadata

DDF-5007 Remove Export Action

DDF-04941 Sharing breaks if the sharee's email contains capital letters

DDF-04930 URI-encode the result's source and ID in the export URL

DDF-4982 Improve Search Form and Map Action UX

DDF-4792 Improve table visualization css

DDF-4975 Remove Describe Endpoint from Catalog ThreatModel

DDF-4977 - Only run back end spellcheck when enabled (#4978)

DDF-4958 Fix Closing React Dropdown (#4959)

 DDF-4946 Fix Preview Tab (#4947)

 DDF-4962 Fixes NPE inside SolrMetacardClientImpl and updates Spellcheck UI for downstream projects

 DDF-04966 Embed http libraries instead of running as bundle (#4967)

 DDF-4950 Update setenv script to not override EXTRA_JAVA_OPTS env variable if it already contains a value (#4953)

 DDF-4922 Added Committers to PR Template (#4964)

 Changed PKI certificate validation (#4928)

 DDF-04374 updated docs for ftp endpoint (#4781)

 DDF-2824 updated documentation links in README (#4956)

 DDF-04944 Adding zoom controls to map (#4945)

 DDF-04861 Support limited configuration migration between versions (#4862)

 DDF-4936 Made InputStream use try-with-resources in FileSystemStorageProvider (#4939)

 DDF-4951 Changed methods that invoke security checks to final (#4954)

 DDF-04824 Bumps usng.js version in catalog-ui-search (#4915)

 DDF-04937 Remove duplicate package exports (#4938)


 DDF-4901 Provide an extension point for query forms in Intrigue (#4904)

 DDF-04905 Prevent ffmpeg access control exception (#4925)

 DDF-4880 Add docs on multi factor authentication with Keycloak (#4881)

 DDF-04481 Fixed issues with Merlin not initializing correctly. (#4929)

 DDF-04892 Audit session timeouts (#4896)

 DDF-04746 enable eslint rule `no-var` for catalog-ui-search (#4919)

 DDF-4294 Update PULL_REQUEST_TEMPLATE Additions (#4922)

 DDF-04914 Address Multiple OWASP Issues (#4912)

 DDF-4850 Fix issue where dropdown input will prevent the user from using the wildcard (*) operator (#4853)

 DDF-04864 Fix queries on attributes in the suggestion whitelist (#4913)

 DDF-4917 Version bump (#4918)

 DDF-04900 Improve policy file documentation (#4911)

 DDF-4903 Fix render loop caused by poller in dropdown.js (#4906)

 DDF-4467 rework of lat/lon validation (#4788)

 Updated to next dev version (#4890)

 DDF-04746 transform js - use arrow functions (#4889)

 DDF-4828 fix Incorrect buffer for Polygons

 DDF-0000 Add user require to search form editor (#4887)

 DDF-4871 Audit system subject access or failed privilege escalation (#4876)

 DDF-04866 Fixes destination validation on logout (#4867)

 DDF-4877 Added null check for metacard property (#4878)

 DDF-4848 Change java installation doc duplication (#4879)

 DDF-3908 Fix the leaking of internal property 'service.bundleLocation' into etc config files

 DDF-4832 On configuration updates, AdminConsoleService should merge existing properties with new or updated properties

 DDF-4832 Setting the 'felix.fileinstall.filename' prop should be done as a URI string, not a file path string

 DDF-4471 New configurations should not be cached for file updates unless the file actually exists

 Revert "DDF-4832 Several configuration bug fixes (do not squash) (#4833)"


Deprecated items for this release:


Features removed in this release:


DDF 2.16.0 is comprised of these applications:

Default Applications

These applications are enabled by default in a standard installation:

  • DDF Admin 2.16.0
    • Administration application for installing and managing DDF. Includes the Admin UI and the underlying application service that supports the user interface
  • DDF Catalog 2.16.0
    • Provides a framework for storing, searching, processing, and transforming information.  
  • DDF Platform 2.16.0
    • Installs the DDF platform boot features which all other applications depend upon.
  • DDF Security 2.16.0
    • Provides Authentication, Authorization, and Auditing services for the DDF.
  • DDF Solr Catalog 2.16.0
    • an implementation of the CatalogProvider interface using Apache Solr 6.0.0 as a data store. 
  • DDF Spatial 2.16.0
    • contains standards-based, geospatial endpoints, sources, and transforms.
  • Intrigue 2.16.0
    • The new Catalog UI.

Optional Applications

These applications are included with a standard installation, but must be installed to use:

  • DDF GeoWebCache 2.16.0
    • The GeoWebCache application provides tile caching and tile service aggregation.
  • DDF Registry 2.16.0
    • DDF Registry contains the base registry components, plugins, sources and interfaces needed for the registry to function.
  • DDF Resource Management 2.16.0
    • The DDF Resource Management App provides administrative functionality to impose data usage limits on users, as well as the ability to view and terminate searches that are in progress.

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