Distributed Data Framework (DDF) is an agile and modular integration framework. It is primarily focused on data integration, enabling clients to insert, query and transform information from disparate data sources via the DDF Catalog. A Catalog API allows integrators to insert new capabilities at various stages throughout each operation. DDF is designed with the following architectural qualities to benefit integrators.

How to Run

* Unzip the distribution. 

* Run the executable at <distribution_home>/bin/ddf.bat or <distribution_home>/bin/ddf

Additional Information

See DDF Documentation for version specific documentation.

Discussions can be found on the Announcements forum, Users forum, and Developers forum.

For a DDF binary distribution, please read the Release Notes on the wiki for a list of supported and unsupported features.

If you find any issues with DDF, please submit reports with JIRA: https://tools.codice.org/jira/browse/DDF

For information on contributing to DDF see: http://www.codice.org/contributing.

The Website contains additional information at http://ddf.codice.org

Many thanks for using DDF.

-- The Codice  DDF Development Team

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