Technology Primer and Skills Training


The following sections represent an effort to standardize the technology training to get developers committing quickly to the Distributed Data Framework. They do not necessarily need to be completed in order and they are a reference-friendly format of the comprehensive programming skills that DDF demands. Many sections that are considered review can be skimmed without sacrificing a lot of time or understanding. 


  1. Agile Process
    1. Scrum
    2. Teams
    3. JIRA
      1. DDF:JIRA Primer
      2. Sizing Tickets
      3. Commenting Tickets
    4. Commit Conventions
  2. UNIX Command Line
    1. Reference
    2. Popular Commands
    3. Pipe Operations
    4. Vernacular & Shortcuts
    5. Bash Profiles
    6. Scripting
  3. Source Control with GIT
    1. Architecture
    2. Common Operations
      1. Updating
      2. Squashing
    3. Advanced
      1. Tagging
      2. Annotating
      3. Back-porting
      4. Searching
      5. Configuration