Documentation Organization

Documentation is organized by audience and purpose. 

Included Documentation

For each version of the documentation, the following materials are published and included in the distribution:


The Introduction contains basic info for getting started setting up and using DDF.

Core Concepts

Core Concepts contains high-level, non-technical overviews of the main features of DDF.

Quick Start

The Quick Start guide has instructions for getting a test/evaluation instance started quickly. NOTE: for a full, working installation, see Managing


The Managing section features how-to sections written for the people who will be maintaining instances of DDF. This section is further sub-divided into:


  • The Using section contains how-to sections for User Interfaces.


The Integrating documentation contains explanations and how-to sections for APIs used by Integrators to communicate with DDF.


The developing section contains explanations of Internal interfaces needed to extend functionality of existing components.

  • System Data Flow
  • Catalog Framework API
  • Developing Sources
  • Transformers
  • Plugins
  • Operations
  • Resources
  • Queries
  • Security Framework
  • Metrics
  • Action Framework
  • Migration API
  • Application Service API

How-to information on developing custom implementation

  • General Development Guidelines


Reference sections to be linked to by the other sections:

  • Application Reference
  • Application Whitelists
  • Metadata Attributes
  • DDF Dependency List

Release Notes

View the Release Notes for current and past versions to see changes within versions and troubleshooting data.