Decision Making

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DDF, like the Codice Foundation, heavily leverages processes from Apache Software Foundation.  Making decisions by voting is no exception.  Therefore, the ASF voting process serves as a primary reference.


A call to vote may be necessary for code modifications, major and minor releases, or procedural changes. A call to vote will be posted on the developers mailing list.

All Team members may cast a vote. However, the only binding votes are those cast by the Project Management Committee (PMC).

This project follows a no veto process when a vote is called, meaning that a -1 will stop a decision until all vetoers withdraw their -1 votes.

Voting Implications

Voting requires a level of commitment. Voting members are not only stating their opinion, they are also agreeing to help do the work.

Expressing Votes


Agree, yes, or this should be done
0Abstain, no opinion.

No. This will constitute as a veto. This must be accompanied by a technical reason or explanation otherwise this vote is void.

The person who vetos must withdraw this vote for the decision to be approved. The person can be lobbied to change their vote.

Voting Time Period

Votes must be submitted within 72 hours of the call to vote.