DDF 2.15.0 Release Notes

Release Date: March 29, 2019

Release Summary

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Complete documentation is available at the DDF website,

Configuration Changes
Configuration Changes in this version:

Resolved Issues

DDF-4826 Broaden scope of karaf deployer blueprint policy (#4827)
DDF-04746 transform js - use object shorthand where possible (#4844)
DDF-4603 remove obsolete NSP check (#4865)
DDF-4832 Several configuration bug fixes (do not squash) (#4833)
DDF-04584 Suppress stopkey file error message on Windows (#4847)
DDF-4873 Add totalHits to ignored attributes (#4874)
DDF-4859 fixes slashes in CDM policy documentation (#4860) (#4870)
DDF-4655 Support query mappability in WFS 1.1 source (#4796)
DDF-4845 Adding a Did you mean re-query option in Results Panel (#4854)
DDF-04374 removed kml endpoint docs from integrator docs. (#4775)
DDF-04842 Migrate menu.tsx to styled and parameterize dropdown.js anchor component (#4843)
DDF-04841 Add DDF support for phonetic matching (#4863)
DDF-04804: Provide an extension point for visualizations in Intrigue (#4849)
DDF-04856 Clean up stylelint (#4857)
DDF-4811 Match the coordinate order of each WFS 1.1.0 query to that of its source (#4815)
DDF-4808 fix A new list is not created from the drop down when the action is selected (#4809)
DDF-4763 Give Google like results in the results view when a query is fixed by spellchecked (#4787)
DDF-4812 Fix user sessions expiring prematurely (#4814)
DDF-04817,04823 Update search form in workspaces when default search form is changed or edited (#4819)
DDF-04836 Prevents double GZIP of Intrigue backend JSON APIs (#4851)
DDF-4570 Persist updated Solr password (#4805)
DDF-04481 Added basic auth for /admin (#4839)
DDF-04816 Create stopkey file in script directory (#4821)
DDF-04538 Refactored 'time-settings' to React; removed old code (#4539)
DDF-04836 GZIP Intrigue backend JSON APIs (#4837)
DDF-04834 Make Geos load in search form editor (#4835)
DDF-04824 Improves UI Developer Experience (#4825)
DDF-04746 remove unused requires (catalog-ui-search only) (#4822)
DDF-04481 Removed Realm support from Web Context Policy (#4620)
DDF-04746 Conservatively convert var to const or let (#4806)
DDF-4756 Port over Solr Config files to enable Spellcheck out of the box (#4758)
DDF-4782 updated quick start installation instructions (#4793)
DDF-04318 (with bug fix) Check that the user is logged in for every Intrigue WebSocket request (#4764)
DDF-4675 - Add type extend support definitions (#4677)
DDF-4798 Add indications that user is actively trying to login (#4799)
DDF-04410 Ensures UI properties are initialized before first usage (#4803)
DDF-4659 Make HandlebarsWfsFeatureTransformer handle XML attributes (#4664)
DDF-04774 Fixes session timeout dialog from going into negatives (#4778)
DDF-4668 Fix Bulk Selection (#4800)
DDF-4790 Make facet, source, and count params optional on query.tsx (#4791)
DDF-0000 Address some pom warnings (#4747)
DDF-04410 adds MapSetting unit tests, network call mocks(#4777)
DDF-4249 Add support for multiple access controlled tags per metacard type (#4785)
DDF-2824 fixed external link typo (#4789)
DDF-1366 fixes missing logging parameter (#4795)
DDF-4249 Do not simplify filters prior to introspection because not all custom filter functions support evaluation (#4792)
DDF-4668 Fix Server Side Paging Indices (#4776)
DDF-4652 Add coordinate order handling to HandlebarsWfsFeatureTransformer (#4654)
DDF-04772 Bump ace to next version
DDF-04772 Hoist ui ace dependency to parent package
DDF-4779 Extension point for redux providers (#4780)
DDF-4650 Add matchCase support to WFS 1.1 filter delegate (#4651)
DDF-4648 Update WFS 1.1 bounding box to be GML 3.1.1 compliant (#4649)
DDF-4644 Add support for temporal queries to WFS 1.1.0 source (#4646)
DDF-4687 Resolved SonarCloud findings to address quality gate failure (#4714)
DDF-04401 Updated RTF transformer to remove `ext.` prefix (#4403)
DDF-4769 Fix WFS 1.1.0 Source Page Calculation (#4770)
DDF-4642 Update FeatureMetacardType to handle simpleTypes and simpleContent to arbitrary depths (#4643)
DDF-04767 Suppress tomcat-embed-jasper CVE-2019-0232 (#4768)
DDF-4249 Provide a means to disable pre-query policy mapping should unexpected behavior be observed
DDF-4249 Added a pre-query plugin to improve the performance of Intrigue's access control policy
DDF-4249 Remove existing security filtering on workspaces from the endpoint itself
DDF-4249 Move UI security code into sub-packages to better separate concerns
DDF-4703 updated docs module to add version checking (#4713)
DDF-04614 Fixing subscription removal (#4616)
DDF-4738 fixes Select All checkbox incorrectly staying checked when switching between Search and List tabs (#4739)
DDF-4761 Added createClassLoader permission for catalog-core-camelcomponent (#4762)
DDF-4734 lowering GET_BY_ID_LIMIT (#4735)
DDF-2824 removed incorrectly encoded characters from documentation. (#4754)
DDF-4726 translate to cql for source name (#4757)
DDF-4724 documented catalog import and export commands (#4733)
DDF-4722 removed 'experimental' tag from docs (#4728)
DDF-4736 Perform a fuzzy search against a few query metacard attributes (#4737)
DDF-1366 Re-implemented the SourcePoller (#4534)
DDF-4709 fixed session memory cleanup (#4740)
DDF-04692 Inspector view now exports multiple results (#4693)
DDF-4689 Add backend support for sorting searches (#4690)
DDF-4716 Fix WFS 1.1.0 source's metatype.xml (#4721)
DDF-4658 Adding toggle for spellcheck feature (#4698)
DDF-4469 Address react workspace unique key js warnings in console (#4697)
DDF-04469 Add Online Certificate Status Protocol (OCSP) support (#4715)
DDF-04706 Adding onMapLoaded callback. (#4708)
DDF-4625 Search From Location to Persist Filters (#4626)
DDF-04702 Resolve 'createdBy is not defined' console error that occurs on result form creation (#4696)
DDF-04717 Remove mention of search templates from docs (#4718)
DDF-4709 fix issue with sessions not being cleaned up correctly when expired (#4711)
DDF-04700 Fix loading companion (#4701)
DDF-04481 Removed CAS protocol support through filters (#4695)
DDF-4676 Adding ID to sources endpoint for actions and updated source action provider (#4681)
DDF-4661 Add security permission for 3D globe to load correctly (#4694)
DDF-4688 setting the correct facet sort value (#4691)
DDF-4548 Add validator plugin docs and fix ordering (#4672)
DDF-4424 Fixing CDM issues with GSON deserialization and ingesting when the local catalog is unavailable (#4637)
DDF-4667 Adds owner, created, and modified attributes to searches (#4669)
DDF-04657 Improve search form selection UX (#4665)
DDF-4683 Remove 'Anyway' from warning module in UI Lite (#4685)
DDF-3492 Support for deleting metacards from S3 (#4602)
DDF-04647 Fix bug preventing users from changing search forms (#4653)
DDF-04635 Removes unnecessary jslint comments in javascript files (#4636)
DDF-4606 Clean up blueprint definitions for Catalog UI Search (#4609)
DDF-4610 Add checkboxes to result-item and table view to simplify multi-select (#4611)
DDF-4623 Preventing workspaces from being created from unparsable queries (#4624)
DDF-4457 Fixes file system encryption issues introduced by #4502 (#4607) (#4633)
DDF-4492 Update the paging to be entirely server side (#4493)
DDF-4639 Update strategy for UI extensions (#4640)
DDF-4597 Added backend capability to re-query off spellcheck suggestions (#4600)
DDF-4638 fixed bulk actions not getting enabled in upload view (#4641)
DDF-04627 Exposed REST service to be used downstream (#4628)
DDF-04321 Fix downstream CDM itest performance/timeout issues (#4537)
DDF-4594 Added ability to perform an action on multiple selected items (#4595)
DDF-4612 Suppress solr hadoop cve (#4619)
DDF-4581 Fix Between Time Filter (#4596)
DDF-04477 Migrate layer-item to React (#4545)
DDF-4552 Migrate search-settings to React (#4575)
DDF-04524 Enabling Warning Message on Export Results (All) (#4525)
DDF-4598 Add onClick support to card.tsx (#4599)
DDF-4604 added right border to result items (#4605)
DDF-04470 Migrating map-context-menu.view.js to React. (#4505)
DDF 4569 - Update query endpoints to support standalone queries (#4585)
DDF-0000 Make pressing enter in the login password field submit a sign in request (#4549)
DDF-4590 Add retry logic (#4591)
DDF-4586 Fix date queries (#4587)
DDF-04496 Migrate metacard-history to React (#4497)
DDF-04498 Migrate metacard-archive to react, loading bug fix (#4582)
DDF-04483 fix flickering alerts (#4583)
DDF-04522 migrate metacard-quality to react (#4523)
DDF-04437 DDF-04454 Migrate metacard-actions / map-actions to React (#4455)
DDF-04559 Defaulting time to 00:00:00 when changing date in date picker (#4560)
DDF-4457 Encrypt file system storage (#4547)
DDF-04533 Migrate list-create to React (#4536)

Dependency Upgrades

These dependencies were upgraded in this version:

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Known Issues

These issues have been reported as affecting this version. Refer to the fix version column for resolution. Report issues here.

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Deprecated items for this release:


Features removed in this release:


DDF 2.15.0 is comprised of these applications:

Default Applications

These applications are enabled by default in a standard installation:

  • DDF Admin 2.15.0
    • Administration application for installing and managing DDF. Includes the Admin UI and the underlying application service that supports the user interface
  • DDF Catalog 2.15.0
    • Provides a framework for storing, searching, processing, and transforming information.  
  • DDF Platform 2.15.0
    • Installs the DDF platform boot features which all other applications depend upon.
  • DDF Security 2.15.0
    • Provides Authentication, Authorization, and Auditing services for the DDF.
  • DDF Solr Catalog 2.15.0
    • an implementation of the CatalogProvider interface using Apache Solr 6.0.0 as a data store. 
  • DDF Spatial 2.15.0
    • contains standards-based, geospatial endpoints, sources, and transforms.
  • Intrigue 2.15.0
    • The new Catalog UI.

Optional Applications

These applications are included with a standard installation, but must be installed to use:

  • DDF GeoWebCache 2.15.0
    • The GeoWebCache application provides tile caching and tile service aggregation.
  • DDF Registry 2.15.0
    • DDF Registry contains the base registry components, plugins, sources and interfaces needed for the registry to function.
  • DDF Resource Management 2.15.0
    • The DDF Resource Management App provides administrative functionality to impose data usage limits on users, as well as the ability to view and terminate searches that are in progress.