DDF 2.10.0 Release Notes

Release Date: 2017-02-09

Release Summary

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New in this version

    • Confluence Federated Source

    • Reorganized and improved documentation

    • Added Apache Artemis message broker

    • Upgraded to Solr 6.x

    • Initial support for Solr Cloud

    • Initial SAML ECP support

    • Ingest of resource with metadata through the Catalog REST Endpoint

See the Change Log for complete list of new features and resolved issues.

Context/API Changes

  • Moved /cometd context to /search/cometd for security configuration purposes 

  • Moved jolokia under /admin


Complete documentation is availabe in html and pdf formats.



Known Issues

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DDF 2.10.0 is comprised of these applications:

Default Applications

These applications are enabled by default in a standard installation:

  • DDF Admin 2.10.0
    • Administration application for installing and managing DDF. Includes the Admin UI and the underlying application service that supports the user interface
  • DDF Catalog 2.10.0
    • Provides a framework for storing, searching, processing, and transforming information.  
  • DDF Platform 2.10.0
    • Installs the DDF platform boot features which all other applications depend upon.
  • DDF Security 2.10.0
    • Provides Authentication, Authorization, and Auditing services for the DDF.
  • DDF Solr Catalog 2.10.0
    • an implementation of the CatalogProvider interface using Apache Solr 6.0.0 as a data store. 
  • DDF Spatial 2.10.0
    • contains standards-based, geospatial endpoints, sources, and transforms.
  • DDF Standard Search UI 2.10.0
    • an application that not only provides results in a html format but also provides a convenient, simple querying user interface.
  • Catalog UI 2.10.0
    • The new Catalog UI.

Optional Applications

These applications are included with a standard installation, but must be installed to use:

  • DDF GeoWebCache 2.10.0
    • The GeoWebCache application provides tile caching and tile service aggregation.
  • DDF Registry 2.10.0
    • DDF Registry contains the base registry components, plugins, sources and interfaces needed for the registry to function.
  • DDF Resource Management 2.10.0
    • The DDF Resource Management App provides administrative functionality to impose data usage limits on users, as well as the ability to view and terminate searches that are in progress.